LNR Open Call. Online exhibition

Frist: Dienstag, 21. Februar 2023

LNR Open Call. Online exhibition
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Most of the Kunstmatrix adopters were seen in 2020; indeed, the program dates back to around 2008. I began curating online only in 2020, during the first wave of COVID. Even though it now seems that everyone has returned to the physical again, for me this „new“ discovered love has remained – sitting a couple of evenings in my office, playing and thinking about online exhibition displays, giving a line to the selected paintings in the online architectures, highlighting, or even hiding artworks on digital walls. For 2023, we have decided to make an open call. How can you apply?
We will need the following information from you: Name, Website, 2 to 4 pictures of your work, and a description (250 characters).
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Subject: Open Call Start of the open call: 20 December 2022 Deadline of the open call: 21 February 2023

Announcement of the selected artist: End of February 2023 – Exhibition will take place in April 2023