Frist: Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2023

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Für Herbst 2023 werden zwei Ausstellungsprojekte gesucht, die sich im erweiterten Sinne mit den Begriffen OPEN – FREE – COMMON – SHARING auseinandersetzen.


Exhibition projects for autumn 2023 on the topics OPEN – FREE – COMMON – SHARING
Due to renovation work and the resulting closure of the event spaces in 2023, Kunsthalle Exnergasse (KEX), together with the sectors WUK Musik, performing arts, and KinderKultur, is developing a new cross-disciplinary, collaborative programme for the renovated Projektraum (project space) in the WUK Werkstätten und Kulturhaus Vienna.

The chosen title VERSUCHSANSANSTALT (“experimental station”) is based on the eponymous lettering on the building, a reminiscence of the building complex’s history. For autumn 2023, we are looking for two exhibition projects that explore the terms “open – free – common – sharing” in their broader sense. Here, too, reference is made to the spatial and socio-historical context, the socalled “OPEN” culture and workshops house. What does “open” mean, actually? Is open open to all? Does open access always entail free and collective access, too? How transparent is open or free? Open borders, open hostility, open source, open sharing, open access, open knowledge, being open to someone, open culture, sharing culture... Despite the term “open”, in practice it is usually accompanied by access restrictions or hurdles, both in the analogue and digital realms. VERSUCHSANSTALT is an attempt to break down barriers – or at least to address and make them visible. Working with the term “open” implies openness towards content-related, thematic, or artistic approaches. Two exhibition projects selected by the artistic advisory board will be implemented by KEX in cooperation with the applicants. The spaces in between, free spaces in the exhibition will be used for collaborations and experimental interludes from the sectors WUK music, performing arts, and KinderKultur, whereby the applicants are also welcome to propose their own ideas. Dates for the exhibition projects: Two exhibitions of approx. four weeks each in the period October, November, December 2023.