Lahar Berlin #1 Gravity

Frist: Sonntag, 24. September 2017

Lahar Berlin #1 Gravity

The natural attraction between physical bodies.

An entity that causes all things with mass to be brought toward one another, forming stellar systems and galaxies. Gravitation as the result of the flexing, twisting and curving of space in presence of matter, causing time to decelerate where its pull is stronger – the same way it slows down when you’re bored, when you’re pondering on the gravity of a situation or when everything feels heavy because you’re feeling down. Like light cannot escape the extreme gravitational pull of a black hole, negative thoughts seem not to be able to evade your mind when you’re feeling blue. What happens instead when there’s no gravity? Do you ever wish you could fly? Think of having your head in the clouds or being so happy that you feel like your feet are hardly touching the ground. Imagine the weightlessness that you feel after accomplishing a goal or speaking up about something that deeply bothers you, taking a load off your chest. Still, the few privileged people who experience zero gravity are astronauts and that is not a condition that you would actually want to live long in: your muscles would lose strength faster because they wouldn’t be fighting the pull of gravity; everything would turn to chaos without any reference point, there would be no up and down and nothing would stay where it’s supposed to be. Gravity, the merciless natural force, also has an impact on aging. Body circulation gets difficult, you get swollen feet. Boobs, butt, face, everything falls. It’s tiresome, but also a true sign that you’re connected to the planet you live in and that certain things are going to happen whether you allow them to or not, even though we try and try to get away – traveling, flying, jumping, hallucinating, daydreaming. Let gravity unleash your imagination and send us your piece of writing, illustration, or photography.

Our favorites will be published online and those that particularly stand out will be featured in the printed issue. But keep your feet on the ground, because there are guidelines and a deadline:
— GUIDELINES FOR WRITTEN MATERIAL Up to 2500 characters (blank spaces included) in English, .rtf format, font Arial 16. Please include title, author, and contact email in the document. Anonymous work will not be published. For pieces that exceed 2500 characters (but not more than 5000), we may consider including a foreword of around 500 words in the printed issue and posting the rest of the piece online.

— GUIDELINES FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL Please use mainly the following colors (besides black and white): CMYK 100 88 17 2 CMYK 33 0 16 0 CMYK 0 40 0 0 Send us .jpg (300 dpi) or .psd files with separate layers in high resolution (and in a .zip file, if needed). Please include title, author, and contact email in the body of the email. You may include a link to your online portfolio and a comment on your work.