queer AND BEYOND [choose category]

Frist: Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2020

queer AND BEYOND [choose category]

For the planned Corona-compatible exhibition in April/May 2021, preferably digitally based or digital-related artworks are sought. In particular, we seek works addressing queer-political forms of resistance or queer-political potentials.

In this context, „queer“ may be interpreted both in the narrower sense concerning queer culture and the broader sense, i.e. in a transverse fashion to the norm and as a hybrid form. Please submit works for the following positions and media:

> the glass façade of the exhibition space (to be experienced from the outside): visual and audio-visual (screen-based, projections or installations)
> inside the exhibition space: performance or performative installation.

The performance(s) shall take place on at least two dates in the space. C

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Honorarium: 750 EUR

Exhibition location: feldfünf e.V., Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7-8, 10969 Berlin Exhibition period: April 6 – May 3, 2021 (incl. construction and deconstruction) Find further information in the detailed exhibition concept (EN/GER) under the external link. The form of submission is not determined, but should clearly outline the materials, size and subject of the work. Questions will be gladly answered.