Digital Residencies June 2017

Frist: Montag, 15. Mai 2017

Grant warehouse will announce three calls for a Digital Residency that address the categories of the project.

For each call two persons or collectives will be selected for a four-week »Digital Residency« which is rewarded with 650 € to support the realization of a project during this time.

Applicants must not exceed the age of 30 years.

All formats accepted: e.g. websites, installations and software, applications, etc., presentation slides, videos, writing, social media projects (on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).

First call: Monika Fleischman, Christian Sievers und Dirk Baecker. Together with experienced referees the winners of the first residency will be part of the jury for the next residency.

Submit your project proposal in the form of: – a headline – a concept in English (1000-1500 characters incl. spaces) – a header image (high resolution, landscape format, i.e. 1500x1125px) – a short bio in English (500 characters incl. spaces) – a portfolio PDF (images, text, links, videos)

An ethnography on strategies of digital friction
Reality is organized in discrete units. We are trapped in filter bubbles, surrounded by comfort and uniformity – ”digital islands of isolation that are drifting further apart each day.” In other words, seamless surfaces are stacked on top of each other, engaging us in the cosy architecture of Gated Communities. Personalized interfaces endure into homophilia – we are encircled with more of the same. Comfortable exclusions of the Other touch upon an easy space of segregation.
warehouse is a curatorial project researching into artistic and scientific strategies of digital friction. The aim is to research into a condition of homophilia to provide solutions: warehouse configures ethnographic categories [pray], [soft-fiction], [entropy], [adobe], [mind], [wetware], [home], [stranded], [elsewhere]: a geometry to map a new normal; a topography for overcoming segregation. How may friction look like in times of total seamlessness? For 5 month warehouse will go on an ethnographic field trip by collecting, archiving and distributing scientific and artistic data around modes of digital resistance. We will seek models of friction, local utopias and distributive infiltrations.