Dancing on the Edge Festival 2019

Frist: Samstag, 15. Dezember 2018

For the seventh edition of the Dancing on the Edge Festival, to take place in November 2019, we are looking for contemporary dance and theater performances as well as multimedia and performance installations / films / art works / artistic research.

Since 2007 Dancing on the Edge (DOTE) continues to imagine and create bridges between artistic practices and people from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) and the Dutch/European audience and cultural practitioners.


* The works should be of high artistic quality and be made/performed by professional level artists.
* We are looking for original work, made by artists with a personal signature.
* The works can still be in development at the time of the call.
* Performances can be short works to be presented as part of a mixed program or they can be full length productions.
* The work can be for theater or for non-traditional venues, such as site-specific locations, community venues, etc. It can also be an online artistic work or artistic research.
* Theater performances should be in English or suitable for surtitling. Those not in English should be sent with an English translation/summary.
* The group/artist should be from and/or working in the Middle East and North Africa or have a strong connection with the region.
* The group/artist want(s) to actively engage with the festival in sharing their practices and participate in different events.