Embassy of Foreign Artists

Frist: Samstag, 30. April 2016

Submission are welcome between the 1st and the 30th april each year.

Our house has four bedrooms as well as several common spaces: bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room.  The EoFA suites can accommodate three residents at a time, each of which receives a grant of 1200CHF per month, for a period of three or six months.  The fourth suite is reserved for local associations and institutions as accommodation for their visiting artists for periods of at least one month. The suites are allocated to artists based on submitted projects that are assessed by a jury of experts once per year.  Projects may be submitted by professional artists in any field (visual arts, dance, theatre, music, literature, film, etc.), by people conducting research on contemporary artistic practices, by cultural developers such as exhibition curators and playwrights, as well as by professionals in the field of applied arts.

In addition to a warm welcome, resident artists will benefit from professional contacts within our networks. This will provide discussions, interaction, and promotion of their work, which are significant factors for visiting artists. Therefore, to ensure individual support for their projects, it is important for us to offer tailor-made opportunities for the development of partnerships through our diverse contacts. These conditions foster relationships for long-term collaborations.


The residency includes:
– a private room as well as a working space and access to common areas shared with other residents;
– a residency of three or six months (the desired length of stay must be specified on the Application Questionnaire);
– a grant of CHF 1’200 per month for the duration of the stay.

Applicants must come from one of the following fields: performing arts, visual arts and applied arts (plastic art, dance, theatre, music, literature, cinema, etc.). Cultural practitioners active in the research of contemporary cultural practices such as curators, play writers, stenographers or from other fields and applied disciplines (architecture, design) are also invited to apply.

Candidates must respond to the following criteria:
– be in possession of a wide range of creations, publications and performances at a professional level;
– not be currently registered in a basic artistic training course;
– not be from or living in Geneva/Geneva region;
– speak one of the following languages: French, English or German;
– accept and agree to pay costs related to their travel and artistic production.