Love & Politics

Frist: Samstag, 10. März 2018

In 2018, Freigeist Verlag will launch a collective book on the topic Love & Politics titled homonymously.

Immersed both in artistic exploration as well as in philosophical and scientific research, the project welcomes contributions from all disciplines so as to get the most diverse view on the topic.

Taken as its point of departure the question of how love and politics could co-exist and what kind of forms and spaces could be created out of this encounter, the project will address the potential of this unlikely liaison.

Love & Politics is open to submissions including, but not limited to, essays, short stories, poems, images, photographs, etc. both within and beyond the following subtopics:

Alternative forms of coexistence (alternative communities, commons, emotional communities, micropolitics, self-organisation, collaboration, challenges of collaborative curating, ‚creativity, love and play‘)

Hybrids (hybrid is a space, symbiosis, non-parallel evolution, nature/culture/technology)

Polyphony as energy (collective transformation, dynamic/spatial narratives)

Gender-emancipatory potential of love (political as intimacy / politics of intimacy, polygamy/monogamy)

Ecology / Eco love (modalities of exchange, shared responsibilities, and the rights of nature and cultures, cultivating coexistence, gardenly thinking)

Love the different (love in a wider perspective than couples, romantic love vs. collective love / universal love / ‚unromantic love‘, individual vs. multiplicities/dividuals, dialectics of opposition and difference)


Failure (the art of failure, conscious undertaking of failure in the context of political creativity)

Future potentials