Frist: Samstag, 30. Juni 2018

in 2016 LUCKY TRIMMER launched the LUCKY CHANGEMAKER. This initiative supports artistic projects that use a creative practice as an innovative conduit for a social cause or as a catalyst for social change. Annually LUCKY TRIMMER grants a 500 € award to the recipient of the LUCKY CHANGEMAKER to contribute to the development, continuation or realisation of his/her project.

Who can apply?
• Any individual artists, collectives or institutions, regardless of their geographic location.
• Artists addressing critical social issues of our times. There are social situations in the world that
are deeply affecting people. Our goal is to use art that is engaged emotionally and intellectually
to inspire anyone to be agents of change.
• We value the process as much as the product. Relationship building is a key goal and projects
do not have to automatically result in a physical artwork or a performance. Workshops, training,
studio practice are eligible, if they directly relate to achieving outcomes of a community-based
• The initiative/project must be implemented in 2018/2019 (latest by April 2019).