ALTOFEST 2020 – X Edition

Frist: Samstag, 29. Februar 2020

ALTOFEST 2020 – X Edition

Altofest was born to Give Rise To a community that generates critical thinking, that is constantly alert to every attempt of the system to impose top-down, standardized cultural proposals. A community that is able to recognize culture as a primary good, fulfilling a daily need. We try to insert a process which traverses all the social elements of the urban fabric, and connects them in dialogue.

Artists are invited to requalify their work during a residency that lasts 7 days, after which the performance is scheduled in the program of Altofest for 5 days of the public opening.

The presence of the artist is required for the entire period of Altofest, 12 days.

Altofest ensures accommodation, subsistence, a lump-sum payment for the project and a weekly pass for the public transport of Naples. All the regulations to be part of Altofest follow the terms and conditions written in the document that you find on the website, besides the application form online.


To apply please send proposals by filling the online form on this link:

By filling the form, you declare to have read and accepted all the terms of the application unconditionally. The online application is the only way to send the artistic proposals for Altofest 2020. For further information and/or questions: please write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or call to +39 320 0304861 (Whatsapp also)

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