Schlosspost Web Residencies

Frist: Montag, 29. Februar 2016

The First Schlosspost Web Residencies Curated by NETRO

»Decentralization of Internet Art«

»Who wants to post stuff on the same platform as Donald Trump?«

Centralization means loss of flexibility, innovativeness, and independence, the essential elements of the World Wide Web. Decentralization has just begun; it is the logical consequence of this loss and lack of options.

An artist mill is a phenomenon whereby a group of artists who follow false trends are separated from the main art party; they lose the idealism track and begin to follow one another, forming a continuous cycle. The artists will eventually die of exhaustion or fall into a vegetative state.

Is the decentralization of internet art a cure or just another dead end?

We are looking for web installations, web performances, or web sculptures which deal with the topic »Decentralization of Internet Art.«


Akademie Schloss Solitude will award three web residents a micro grant of $500 to support the realization of a project during a four-week long web residency on Schlosspost. In addition to this, a short list of the best contributions will be published on Schlosspost.


Submit your project concept in the form of:

– a clickbait headline (10 words)

– a concept text in English (1,000-1,500 characters incl. spaces)

– a header image (high resolution, landscape format)

– a short bio in English (500 characters incl. spaces)

– a portfolio PDF (images, text, links)


All formats accepted: e.g. websites, videos, writing, etc.