studio das weisse haus

Frist: Freitag, 15. April 2016


1 MONTH RESIDENCE at studio das weisse haus
June 15 – July 17, 2016

available to one emerging curator / theorist

studio das weisse haus offers a curatorial residence of one month, which is accompanied by a public event, in order to introduce the proposed curatorial project to a wider audience.

The aim of this program is to link the selected curator to the Viennese art scene and provide him/her with an insight into the local institutional environment. Therefore we will arrange studio-visits with local artists, guided tours through current exhibitions and collections, field trips and other events.

During the residence period we organize an Open Studio Day. Together with our local and international artists our guest curator is presenting his/her ongoing project to the public.

studio das weisse haus favours curatorial projects that

  • meet its general objectives.
  • ensure high quality and clarity.
  • relate to the space provided by the institution and its neighbouring surroundings, and / or
  • relate to the city and / or history of Vienna and its people, and / or
  • include the current AIR’s, and/or
  • focus on a critical practice beyond the traditional format of the art exhibition.
  • aim to explore ways for people to engage and interact with art.