Video Art Festival Miden

Frist: Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Video Art Festival Miden invites all video artists and video creators to submit their videos for Festival Miden’s forthcoming events & collaborations.

The festival call is open to every creator (individuals, groups or organizations) of any nationality and background.

There is no entry fee.

This year, we are seeking proposals that fit to the following themes:
- "Game Over"
- "The story of…"
- "Home sweet home?"
-" wonderland"
- "Beckett me" (a special tribute to Irish writer Samuel Beckett)
- videodance & performance videos
- a special showcase with videos made by -or for- kids & teens, for educational use
- we also invite artists and creators who come from, have lived or have any kind of love-hate relationship with the city Kalamata (GR) to submit works for the continuous program entitled “Local Calling!”. The program aims to create a communication network between artists that are connected or related to Kalamata (the birth city of the festival) in any way.

Duration of the submitted works preferably under 10 min.