WISH Museum Romeinse Katakomben

Frist: Montag, 12. November 2018

OPEN CALL for light artists, product designers and conceptual artists 

Museum Romeinse Katakomben will present the third edition of the underground light exhibition WISH. The event will take place in the mystical underground corridors and crypts of the museum.

Each December / January, people in ancient Rome gave each other so called 'New Year lamps'. Beautiful terracotta lamps with personal messages written all over them. Museum Romeinse Katakomben will translate this phenomenon to our contemporary world, by organizing a light exhibition around New Year. Visitors of the museum will be challenged to participate: they will be invited to leave a personal wish behind. Museum Romeinse Katakomben will fulfill one of them. 


Museum Romeinse Katakomben invites light artists, product designers and conceptual artists to exhibit a light object or installation. An expense allowance (e.g. transportation costs) is available.

Terms & conditions 

  Open to national and international professional working artists of all ages.

Submission deadline: 12/11/2018

There is no entry fee.

Museum Romeinse Katakomben will take care of a professional publicity campaign.

Artists agree on having their work used for promotion of the event.

Copyrights remain exclusively the property of the artist.

A list with the selected artists will be published on this website and on our facebookpage after the deadline of 12/11.