ALTOFEST 2024 | neue Frist

Frist: Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2023

ALTOFEST 2024 | neue Frist
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Altofest was born in 2011 as an act of resistance, both artistic and political. The aim is to GIVE RISE TO a community based on the “poetic citizenship” principle. It calls to dialogue all the social components of the human-urban fabric in which it is grafted. It acts as a semantic interference in everyday life, allowing inhabitants to speak to each other in a neutral language and meet in a shared risk space, daring together.

Altofest moves away from the function of mere “production” or “programming” of performances and artistic works, usually attributed to festivals, to become a space for experimental sociality. Citizens welcome international artists and authors from different disciplines, invited to question their completed works, in a public and collective way, through a translation process for the domestic space.

Application may include one or more original and finished works conceived for a formal space, already performed in front of an audience. Repertory or archived works that are to be reactivated are also eligible. The theme, content and duration are free. Proposals must belong to contemporary live art (theatre, dance, performance, experimental and interdisciplinary formats).

Professional artists can apply worldwide without distinction among nationality, country of residence, language or age. Unfortunately, amateur groups cannot apply.