Open call for Performance Artists - MindAIness

Frist: Freitag, 21. April 2023

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The MindAIness performance art open call explores the intersection of art, technology, and ethics, with a focus on the mindful consideration of AI in society. The event aims to spark conversations about the ethical considerations surrounding AI development and use, highlighting the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI.

Performances will explore themes such as the relationship between AI and human emotions and experiences, the impact of AI on society and the environment, and gendered power dynamics in AI's impacts. MindAIness encourages audiences to take a step back and reflect on the implications of AI in their own lives and to consider how to contribute to a more equal and inclusive approach to AI. The term "MindAIness" reflects the idea of approaching AI with a mindful, thoughtful, and ethical perspective, promoting ethical and equitable outcomes for all.

Deadline to send your application: 21.4.2023

Performance days in Berlin: 25./26./27.5.2023

Link to apply: