Open Call Group Show | Gruppe Motto Gallerie

Frist: Montag, 15. Mai 2023

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Gruppe Motto is looking for artists who want to participate in our Gallery Season August - December 2023. Our Gallery is in the heart of downtown Hamburg in the historic Gängeviertel. The world in which we live can be experienced phenomenologically, described objectively, and positioned within a typology. But a phenomenon only becomes manifest in the mind of the observer. The particular frame of reference, the personal viewpoint of individual observers differs greatly. Artistic responses to the world within us and surrounding us make this clear. We understand our exhibitions as an incomplete survey of the present with a simultaneous questioning of the atemporal, because within the particularities always hides the universal. In our joint investigation of absolutely everything we want to oscillate between the prosaic and the poetic. We don't want to acchieve a middle ground, but instead alternate in staccato between contemplation, revolution and exploration. Contrasting affirmative with aversion, making pluralities particular.