artspring berlin art festival

Frist: Sonntag, 14. April 2024

artspring berlin art festival
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about artspring berlin: the festival The artspring berlin art festival will take place for the eighth time from May 3rd to June 2nd, 2024. With numerous solo and group exhibitions, a curated film and literature series, and a weekend of open studios, it offers a multifaceted overview of the artistic creation of the Berlin district of Pankow. We invite artists of all genres to take part in the festival with a short video.

„How you deal with it“
“How you deal with it” is a request. We want to give weight to your voices and your images and carry them into society. We want to know how you are doing right now, what you are doing or want to do, what is important to you… Send us a message about your everyday life as artists. How you deal with it. Open your studios to Berlin and show what you are working on. We want to get to know your different production and living conditions. In times when fronts are hardening and pluralism turns into anger and violence, artspring uses the power of images to communicate on a personal level with the festival theme “ZEIGE DEINE W_NDE”. ZEIGE DEINE W_NDE goes back to the installation “Show Your Wound” by Joseph Boys, with which the artist not only addresses his own vulnerability, but also that of society. ZEIGE DEINE W_NDE expands the original topic: Wounds become walls or turns. In German the words „Wunde“ (wound), „Wände“ (wall) and „Wende“ (turn) only differ in one letter, but read together they become mirrors of our current present. In view of the increasing global crises, art is needed more than ever as a measure of democratic awareness. Showing your walls means showing what is. How do you deal with your walls? It’s about the wall in the studio, the walls that surround us or are in our heads. We want to create visibility for the wounds on the body and soul. How do you deal with your wound? Visibility also for the changes that life demands of us – personally or as part of society. “How you deal with your turns” “How you deal with it”: The video contributions can deal with the topic freely and artistically. Whether animation, documentation, experimental, self-portrait, collage, the only formal requirement is a time limit of max. 60 seconds. The complete announcement and further information can be found on our website at: