Open Call for Curatorial Group Sessions Participants

Frist: Freitag, 28. Oktober 2022

Open Call for Curatorial Group Sessions Participants
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Curatorial Group Sessions is a pilot programme designed to tackle two main issues in the cultural and creative sectors: Mental health in the arts and fair practices & transparency on artistic fees. These sessions are designed to address the issues around inequalities in the sector, the lack of transparency on artistic fees, and the mental challenges that come from working in an underpaid and competitive sector. In these sessions, we will discuss the systematic issues that lead us here, brainstorm how to advocate for ourselves, form peer-to-peer support, and build tools and guides to create a transparent and fair work environment to create solidarity among each other. The first part of the programme will be the four-week-long sessions focused on mental health in the arts, and it will be followed by the two-week-long sessions on fair practices & transparency on artistic fees. The programme is open to emerging queer/migrant artists and art/culture workers in Berlin. The sessions are safe spaces for open discussions and we are looking for individuals who are comfortable with sharing their experiences. Participation in the programme is free of charge. The group sessions are developed and led by independent curator Zeren Oruc. Her practice focuses on ecocriticism, alternative art production, and overlooked cultural elements in postmodern society. She is interested in decentralized and non-hierarchical practices that are based on long-term collaborations, and aims to create a space for open conversation and care.